Emmanuel :: Four Months Letter

Hi my little buddy! 4 months has been good to you.

You absolutely love playing with your sister. When she's around or you hear her voice, you try so hard to get her attention and want her to engage with you. When you’re eating and she’s around, you become so distracted that at some point, you stop taking your food.

With that said, I can say you are learning from her also. Your voice is just as loud at your sister's when you're both playfully screaming at each other. The fact that sometimes I can’t tell who is screaming between the two of you worries me a bit. I mean you’re only 4 months and you’re just as loud as she is.
You are getting tall. At your last well visit, you were in the 64th percentile for height, not sure where that is coming from, but it sure isn’t me or you dad.  

You play with your hair when you get sleeper, apart from rubbing your eyes.
You're a pretty good sleeper when you sleep and you don’t like to be messed with. I mean, who likes to be disturbed when sleeping. You already know who’s disturbing you.

You are the happiest baby when you wake up in the morning. I mean, every single day, you wake up with a big grin on your face, mouth wide open as you open your eyes.
Going to sleep at night every once in a while you give us a piece of work. You refuse to go down gently as usual and just want to cry it out, very loudly. Nursing never helps in this case, in fact, it make you angrier. So, either a bottle if you have any need or space for food or good ole backing and rocking usually does the trick. But you keep everyone on their toes for a good amount of time.

You hate tummy time, but since you are sitting up by yourself anyway, we skip that all together.
I think you want to suck your fingers so bad but we won't let you. This is something you did on day one like I pro till I replaced it with a pacifier which you seem to be content with.

Now you just go for the full fist or all fingers in mouth sometimes choking yourself. I think it’s a way you’re soothing yourself with teething.

Yes, you’re teething already, because there’s no other way to explain all the drooling and wanting to eat your bibs, blankets and pretty much and clothing piece in sight. You’re not so into any rubbery chewing thing which I’ve tried. Not even your pacifier when the need arise, you just want some good ole cloth to chew on.

You also started eating solid. Started off with oatmeal baby cereal and then ventured into the other good stuff like pureed sweet potatoes, apple and bananas. I think you like sweet potatoes the best so far.

At 4 months, you are just one happy playful baby that loves to giggle a lot and also loves the people.  Seeing your sister or mommy or daddy after a long day brings even bigger smiles to your face.
Keep growing baby boy, but not too fast!

Love always, mommy.

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