Transition Period

Good morning Loves!
Pardon the silence on here. I’ve been trying to figure out my new routine since going back to work. Still in trial and error phase to some extent in figuring out what works and what doesn’t as far as how to better distribute and manage my time between wifely duties, mommy duties, work duties business duties, and all other stuff.

One thing I have grateful for is having the opportunity to transition slowly from one phase to the other, so it is not a complete 360 at once.

When I returned to work, I was able to work from home for a bit. Then, I transition back to the office, thankfully my MIL came in to help so I don’t have to juggle getting two kids up and ready to daycare each morning. Very grateful for that help. I guess the last phase is going to be my true reality when grandma leaves, which is coming up soon. Transitioning into having to get two kids out of the house in the morning, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

What this stages of transition have allowed me to do if figure what works instead of been thrown into it all at once, so hopefully by the time the true reality rolls in, I have good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Some things that I’ve picked up or started doing to make life easier includes, picking out the kids and my outfit for the entire week during the weekend. That’s so I don’t have to deal with that every night after a long day or in some cases, in a rush in the morning when I’m really pressed for time and it’s just one less thing to do at night.
 Another thing is packing our lunch for the entire week during the weekend. Does that mean more time doing food prep and cooking during the weekend, yes, but it saves me a lot of headache driving home thinking what’s for dinner or lunch and saves time, not having to do it every night. With those two nightly tasks gone, I have more time to relax and spend with the kids after a long work day.

So, I finally enrolled Eliana in a gymnastic class which she loves, I recently discovered the day and time wasn’t working, it was at 5:30pm on Wednesdays so that meant rushing out of work to pick her up and in most cases getting to class late. That time and day worked when I was still home but once I returned to the office, it was a struggle to keep up with it.

I also joined a mom’s group called MOPS (Moms of Pre-schooler) at my church that I attend every other Thursday so that means every two weeks we are getting home really late two days in a roll.
That leaves both of us exhausted. Imagine if Emmanuel had to endure this as well. So I figured the Wednesday class wasn’t working. To change day and time for gymnastic meant we had to change center which was for the best anyways, so now we are enrolled in a Monday 6:00pm class at a different location. It is still a hard commitment managing this especially when Emmanuel comes into the picture but at least the long days are spaced out. 

Really love and appreciate that I get the time to figure things out as the true reality slowly sets in soon.

Have a great day!


  1. God be your strength. i have a newborn and thinking about how to juggle when he starts daycare and i have to go back to work and other activities that i do. i try not to think about it yet cause im sure it be exhausting

    1. Thanks dear!
      Congratulations!!! Savor the days of the newborn, the go by fast.
      My dear, don't think too far ahead, it makes the whole process more daunting. Makes necessary plans and take it one day at time. In time everything will fall into place.
      My love to the little one!


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