Emmanuel :: 18 months letter

 To my 18 months old baby boy.
Words cannot describe how much I love you and love watching you grow each day. You have been nothing but pure  since day one.
You continue to grow and be more independent. Feeding yourself, trying to wear your own shoes and clothes. You are an active little ball of energy.
Your favorite words / phrase are:
oh oh, putting your hands on your hand.

What did you do?
Get down!
Not nice

You are a good listener.
You love putting things in the trash. That is one errand I can send you and you will 100% deliver.
You love to put water in your mouth and gaggle it
You love to run away when someone calls you. You actually think it's a game.

You love being in the water and bath time and the pool.

Getting you away from water is always a challenge.
You are such a morning person.
 You pretty much do everything your sister does.
You love cuddling and giving hugs.
You love to blow kisses to your teachers.
Foods you are loving at the moment, grapes, banana, oatmeal and rice, Those never fail even when you refuse everything else.

Love you sweet baby boy!

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