Weekend Recap: Playing Host

Hello! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had some friends (Newly weds) over on Saturday and that was fun. I remember earlier last week I was talking about not ready to play host or have people over because I haven't really decorated the place. Well, the comment was still hot when Mr. D. told me, by the way, these people are coming over on Saturday. I was surprised, but what can I do? It will be rude to uninvite them and besides, they are newly weds and close friends, so that makes it ok. I went to work right away in my head, trying to decide what to make. On Friday, I made an extensive list of what I wanted to make and for a moment, I thought it might be too much being that it's just the four of us. I eventually convinced myself that there's nothing like too much food because it will never go to waste. Either we save it as left over, they take it with them or better still we invite more people.
After work on Friday I headed straight for the salon. I'm use to/usually wash my hair every two weeks but I missed my appointment last week, which means my hair was going on three weeks without washing. Apart from the fact that it was driving my crazy and I was hitching like a crazy person, it wasn't a pretty sight either. I told the lady when I got there and she spent some extra time scrubbing and washing my hair. It felt so good, I could have sat there for hours and just let her scrub away. Anyways, after the salon, I made my rounds to the grocery stores. By the time I got back home it was almost 11pm. I was beyond exhausted, the thought of cooking at that point made me nauseous, so I ate Garri and went to sleep.
Cabbage salad with sliced mango and toasted almond
Moin moin
On Saturday, I woke earlier than usual, started cooking at 9am and I think I finished at around 2pm. Not bad, for all the food items I made. I was putting the finishing touches on things when our guests arrived. I had to take the pictures in a hurry, because every one was hungry and ready to dig in by then. We had a good time, looking at their wedding pictures, sipping on wine, sharing stories about weddings, eating, watching movies, and eating some more.
Baked chicken
Jollof rice
Bad part of the weekend is that by the end of Saturday I developed this terrible headache that got worst by the time we got back from church on Sunday. By then all I could do was lay in bed and sleep. Any sudden movement sends my head into a heat wave. It got so bad at some point I came close to throwing up a couple of times. Took some medications, but it seemed like the only thing that helped was just laying down and sleeping. Tried not to sleep too much though because I was worried I wouldn't be able to sleep at night and the next day is Monday. I think the medication finally kicked in after several hours as I was finally able to look at a computer/phone screen and move my head. Doing that hours before almost mad me cry. I hate to think all the running around and work I did on Friday and Saturday had anything to do with it, but the good news is I feel somewhat better.
Puff Puff
Fruit platter
Vegetable soup with beef, dried fish and locust beans
Honey mustard vinaigrette dressing, plantains
Yummy Coconut cake
PS: My thoughts and prayers goes out to the families and friends that lost someone in the deadly plane crash today in Lagos Nigeria.


  1. Everything looks great, presentation and all. Your hubby must be very proud of you.

    1. Thanks hun! Still trying and learning and hubby is definitely grateful.

  2. I stumbled on your blog. I love your bowls that you put your moin moin in. I don't have patience to do the work of making moin moin. Check out my blog.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Ade. I know...I love them too. I came across the ramekins and I could believe how cute, durable and most importantly affordable they were.I think I paid about 5 bucks for a set of 6. Moin moin is not that bad especially when you cut out the longer process. I used the blender to break down the beans which cut the dehusking time in half, and I also baked them this time. Those two things definitely makes it easier. You should give it a try. Trust, it will all be worth it when you have a taste of it!

  3. You went all out, everything looks amazing and yummy!

    1. I know...I certainly did. I told hubby the next person over is eating pizza and coke, and he said "I trust my wife". I guess he has faith in me that I won't let that happen:)


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