Thankful Thursday:

This Thursday, I'm thankful for...

1. The rain. I can't remember the last time it rained or the last time I got rained on. There's nothing like sitting at home office with the rain pouring down on the roof and singing music to your ears. I can't remember the last time I got wet from the rain because your girl right here always checks the weather and grabs an umbrella before walking out the door even if is a 20% chance. But today,even though I knew there was a high chance it was going to rain, it just didn't faze me to take my portable umbrella (the one that fits in my bag). I always keep one in the car also, so that's two umbrellas for rainy days. Today, I didn't take my portable one and I didn't take the one in the car with me either when I got out of my car to head into work. Surely enough when it was time to go home, it was pitch black pouring rain outside. Usually I would have whined about getting wet, but today just wasn't that day as I dived into the rain and made my way to my car. Sometimes all you need is to let the rain pour on you :) Thankful for my attitude and the calm spirit towards the rain today.

2. For a trip to Indy. Thanks to "wanna get away" pricing on southwest airlines, we'll be heading to Indy for the weekend soon. We've been thinking about when our next visit, no make that first visit back to Indy will be after officially moving away and it's always been up in the air. Apart from the scheduling conflicts, the tickets are not great to look at either. One-way tickets was averaging $350 per person, multiply that by 4 and that's it will cost to travel to Indy for two days.  The ticket price finally came down to around $350 for a round trip this week and I didn't even give it much thought before buying it. Even though it's still some few weeks away, I'm already counting down and excited to see all my little and big lovers.

3. For Mark 11:23-24. I don't think it's a coincidence that I experienced this passage two different times between Monday and today. First in our devotional reading on Monday, talking about speaking positives words to the problems we face in our lives, then at bible study on Tuesday exact same thing in association with faith. As I ponder on the passage couple of things occurred to me:
  1. You need to know the word before you can speak it forth in your life.
  2.  The word is your biggest weapon to overcoming problems and negative situation.
  3. Speaking powerful words into your life everyday is necessary.
  4. When you speak positive words into your problems and you don't see it manifest right away, that doesn't mean you should stop speaking the word.
  5. Do all these things with an unwavering faith that what you speak has already come to pass.
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Happy Thursday! Have a great one!


  1. Nice post, I've never heard of Indy...please enlighten.

    1. Oh, Indy is actually short for Indianapolis, Indiana. I'm sure it sounds familiar now.

  2. Ah, rain. Here in the Midwest it's been dry for a few weeks and getting drier...I would love a rain like that! Nice to see you on the linkup. :)

    1. Oh I miss thee. Lol! Yea, the lack of rain in the midwest even made it on the news because the crops (corn) are dying. It's raining over here again today, so let's hope it will reach there soon.

      Thanks for stopping by Jaimie.



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