Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I'm thankful for...

1. Travel time. I love traveling and anything about traveling. The idea of packing my bags and going somewhere, anywhere excites me. Even the airport excites me. I haven't been doing much traveling lately, but I'm glad I get to do it again. I've got a couples of trips planned between now and the end of the year and I'm super excited and looking forward to every single trip. On some I'll get to see and spend quality time with my siblings, mom, nieces and nephew, on some I'll finally have the opportunity to reconnect with some of my friends, physically, on some I'll be working and on the rest enjoying time with hubby. 

2.  Home cooked meals. While I enjoyed eating out some weeks ago, I'm glad to be eating homed cooked meals again. I can cook, eat and go for second round unlike the restaurants where I eat half the food and feel uncomfortably full. What do they put in their food? Apart from that, it's just not the same, didn't realize how much I'll miss home food until I went almost 2 weeks of eating none.

3.  For good health. I cannot over emphasize how thankful I am that I wake up every morning and everything is functioning properly. It's all by His grace.

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  1. Love the traveling too! Something about airports are exciting :)


    1. Glad I'm not alone on this one. Can't get enough of it.


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