Blue and Flowered

Hi Lovelies. Happy Weekend! Happy New Month! Happy Holidays!
I can't believe it's December already. It truly feels like the year has flown by. I remember moving to NJ at the beginning of the year and now we going into our second year here soon. While I'm in awe of how the year has gone by so quickly, I remember we've accomplished a lot at the same time and thankful. I'm beyond happy that the holiday season is here.
For some reason I find myself super excited about December this year. Not to say that I haven't been excited in the past; this year just feels different for me. I was at work on Friday and I could barely contain my excitement at the realization that the next day was going to be the first day in December.  The drive to home from work is more pleasant now seeing all the lit up and decorated houses. It's such a beautiful scene that it plasters a smile on my face. The talk of holiday parties everywhere makes it even more exciting; from work, to church, to family and friends. With all these excitements, I'm trying to always remember the reason for the season and do a thing or two to make it memorable for myself. Few of the things I'm most looking forward to is road trip with hubby, seeing my family and spending time with them and my Christmas party. Yap, officially hosting my first Christmas party with help from my sisters. We'll see how it goes.
Thank Mr. D. for the expression on my face :)
What are you looking forward to this holiday season?

Dress: Asos, Top: H&M, Shoes: VS, Purse: Asos, Necklace: F21


  1. I love that top or is it a blazer, either way I love it!

    1. Thanks hun! I guess it's more blazer than top.


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