Matching Burgundy

Hello people! Happy Sunday! 
Tonight I'm enjoying family time with my hubby and my sister watching the Superbowl. A good change of pace as this weekend was a tough one for me, loosing one of my friends.
I am definitely not a football fan but for some reason I've been sucked into watching this game. This will the first football game I would sit down to watch. I'm still pretty surprise I'm watching, following along and finding it interesting. May the best team win. Even though my house is rooting for the Ravens. 

Today's outfit post is a casual weekend wear. Easy, breezy and comfortable. I mentioned I don't like turtlenecks in a previous post but this is another one I can tolerate. It's soft and free. I have a couple other turtlenecks that I take off right after putting on because they are so uncomfortable and it feels like I'm choking. I'm still holding on to them thinking I'll get use to it but I'm starting to realize that's not going to happen. So I might just re-purpose the tops and cut them.

If you haven't enter the giveaway, you still have a chance to do that here.

Have a great week ahead.

Top: VS, Leggings: F21, Boots: Ebay, Bag: Limited


  1. Look the monochrome look, you absolutely stunning...:)

  2. Sorry about the loss of your friends. I pray that God comforts you! :)

    I like the matching look. Cute boots. You have really beautiful eyes!! :)

    1. Thanks dear! it is well.

      Aawww....beautiful eyes? I'll take it. Lol

  3. super chic! I love this look


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