Old Becomes New

Hi loves! 
Is it really only Tuesday!? I feel like I've gone through the whole week already at this point. The fact that this third trimester tiredness is really kicking my behind is not helping. I haven't felt this weak and tired since my first trimester. I pray it's gets better and this past few days is just an exception.

Last weekend hubby and I attended a friend's wedding in Maryland. The wedding was nice, fun and beautiful and the bride was just beyond gorgeous. It was also nice to be away for the weekend from our regular routine. While in the area, we took the opportunity to visit our family friend in DC where we ate some correct food :)

This jeans jacket is from Amanda Bynes first collection, Dear, about 6 or 7 years ago. Since then, I can count how many times I've actually worn it in total. Now, I'm just glad I never gave it away all those years it was hanging in the back of my closet because it actually comes in handy and has become my current go to jacket. With this look, I was going for dressy-casual and I think the jacket accomplished that. I'm also loving this Zara purse. The shape and style is different and it's actually fun to carry around. 
Hope you're having a great week so far.


 Top: The Limited, Jacket: Amanda Bynes,  Pants: H&M, Necklace: F21, Bag: Zara, Shoes: Target


  1. I won’t lie, the first thing I scope in your pics are your shoes. hahah…. you’re glowing mama.

    Ps… i nominated you for the leibster awards on my blog.

    1. Haha...you're definitely a shoe lover ;)

      Thanks for the nomination, will post a response soon.

  2. Preggo fabulous, the bump is getting bigger yay! The Lord is thy strength :-)
    You are not letting it get in the way of looking good. Niicceeee, tres tres!

    1. Thanks lady!
      Bump seem to be growing exponentially these days. I'm kind of in belly shock state :)


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