Letter To My 9 Months Old Sweet Eliana

DSCN5014Eliana my love, you've turned 9 months just like that. 
Someone thought you were 12 months already and that made my heart beat faster. The thought of you being a year old already, well lets' just not think about it. I'm just not ready for it.
Playing in sea of bows. About half of them.
At 9 months, you are saying dada. 
You started crawling backwards and then sideways and now finally you are going forward bit by bit.
You help with getting you dressed in the morning. Once I put your dress over your head, you help to pull it down. It may be in anticipation to get it out of your face but I call it help. For the sleeves, you push your arms through once I start pulling. Now that tells me you know what you're doing.
Because bows taste good
I was asking you on Sunday if you liked your dress and somehow, you replied "I do". Now I know you're not talking yet and it was probably a coincidence that whatever you seem to be babbling at that point was a perfect reply to my question. Your dad was there and it all happened so perfectly that he couldn't even dispute that that wasn't what you said.

You're started having diva moments (tantrum). It's just the beginning stage so it's not that bad. You start with a fake cry and throw your feet up and down and it eventually gets louder and louder, sometimes turns to a real cry until you get what you want.
All that is easily forgettable when you make this stinking cute face that I'm yet to capture on camera. You squint or shut your eyes tightly with a big grin on your face while shaking your head. I'm guessing that's your happy face. You make the face either while eating or playing really hard.
Bows make you happy
You're becoming shy around strangers and even familiar faces. You cling to mommy and daddy when we are out or when we have people over.  I think it's one of those phases again. You now cry briefly or want to cry when I drop you off at daycare. You're good as soon as your teachers pick you up.

You went to the beach for the first time. I think you enjoyed it. Although mommy didn't let you get too deep in the sand or eat any for that matter. Maybe next time. lol
DSCN5033 DSCN5022 Taking your monthly pictures is becoming a challenge. You think it's play time. Above is one of the decent ones I got this month.
All you want to do is grab and eat the blocks.
And when you are done with that, you try to run away.
I remember a time when you would fit perfectly on this blanket with plenty of space to spare all around. Now you have body parts sticking out from all angle. 

Eliana, may you continue to grow in good health, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The hands of God will continually be upon you. You will be blessed and favored everywhere you. You will be a source of blessing to others. Among you peers, you will shine. Your name will be known for good. By the grace of God, your future is bright and you'll fulfill your destiny.

Love you honey. xoxo


  1. Sweet! May God answer every prayer point for this darling daughter of yours. You are doing an excellent job and appear to enjoy motherhood with such ease. May God grant you the wisdom and help you and your hubby will need as she grows and pases through each stage of life.

    1. Thank you dear! I am enjoying motherhood. It's a beautiful experience.


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