Letter to My 3 Months Old Sweet Eliana

Oh, look what I found sitting in my draft inbox. I knew I wrote something to you before your 6th month which was my first published Letters To Eliana on the blog. Turns out I did better than I thought. Seems like I captured month 0 to 3 here. This is the original version drafted months ago when you were 3 months old. Only edited for grammar.
Now let me go through my draft inbox  and see what other goodies i'll find :)
Seems just like yesterday we came home with you, Eliana. A lot has transpired in the short 3 months you've been in our lives. You've given us a new found joy. You're the perfect gift from God and the sweetest baby ever. No, really, you are the sweetest and most peaceful baby. Staying at home with you and watching you grow at this very early stage was a great joy.
You love to smile and laugh in your sleep from day one, so you were smiling back at us in no time. You've always been on the quiet side. You cue every now and then and when you get really excited and playful. I strongly believe you absolutely don't like to cry. You try to cry with your mouth closed for as long as you can before exploding and that rarely happens. You give us a lot of warning signs before it even gets to that. You cry in stages. Starting with your cry cue, letting out one every few seconds for a couple of minutes. When you get no response, you move to stage 2, your soft cry with your mouth closed for another few minutes. When that doesn't do it, you move to stage 3, the full blown cry. Stage 3 only happens under certain circumstances such as waking up hungry, when mommy is stuck in the shower or when we feel like it's good for your health...lol, as you barely make any loud noise.
DSCN3134 Shower time with you is such as pleasure. You make this stinking cute face when you I lay you on the shower tub, but once the first wave of warm water hits your body, you're an angel all through. You even fell asleep once during shower time.
Which brings me to sleep. You love your sleep time. In fact anytime is sleep time, bath time turns into sleep time, play time turns into sleep time, feeding time turns into sleep time. I love that you love sleep because it lets me get a lot of things done around the house. Even when you're not sleeping, as long as you have a clean diaper and you're well feed, you can keep yourself entertained for 45minutes to an hour.
You are just one perfect baby that makes motherhood a thing of joy and so enjoyable for me.
You have performed outstandingly in every area from day one, Your delivery was truly a pleasant one, your AGAP score was close to perfect at 9.5, you smiled when you were supposed to, made eye contact when you were supposed to, grew and gained weight as you were supposed to. You've truly been an exceptional baby in all areas.

I pray you continue to be this great baby you are, not giving daddy and mommy any hard time. I pray as you grow, you continue to grow strong and the eyes of God will not depart from you. I pray that you continue to be a source of joy to daddy and mommy. I pray as you grow, your light will shine through and even at your tender age, you impact, bless and touch someone.

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