Blue Obsession & DIY Necklace

Hi Lovelies.
Hope you're having a great week. Mine is going well. My Inspirational Tuesday post this week really came in handy as I found myself in a situation where if I had assumed worst case scenario and acted on it, I might have just shot myself in the foot. But, thankfully holding on to my own advice and with the support of my family, I went in hoping for not the worst case, but I wouldn't say the best either and the outcome was a huge relief.

In other news, I've been meaning to buy a sewing machine for the longest and I finally did couple of weeks ago. Having Eliana has just been an inspiration in so many ways than I can count. Through her, EliFab Accessories was birth. I also mostly wanted to learn how to sew to make simple outfits for her and also to expand and polish some of my bow designs that requires sewing because sewing by hand was just a waste of time.
Well, in less than two weeks since the machine arrived, I've managed to figure out the basics and sew two simple skirts for Eliana and one circle skirt for myself. Right now, I'm not hoping to take on fancy complicated projects or DIY all my outfits but if I get to that stage, it wouldn't hurt, as I'm self teaching myself. For now, I'm ok with being able to make simple garments for myself and Eliana and hopefully hubby some day; and also having clean finishing on my bows. So far, sewing is not the hardest thing, but it's not the easiest either when it comes to technicality.

Talking about DIY,  I made my own version of this Carolina Herrera necklace over the weekend. I fell in love with it at first sight but I wasn't about to pay retail price for it. So, I decided to make one for myself. If you don't look too close, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. :)
Ok, on to the outfit, I seem to have a thing for blue combo now. I can blame that on this blue coat. Every time I wear anything blue, I feel like I have to throw on this blue coat. Now that I know, I'll stop; but then again, coat season is almost over, finally.
Ok, I'll stop yapping now. Enjoy and have a great weekend.
DSCN7343 DSCN7344 . . DSCN7341 . . .

Shirt: VS (similar herehere)
Skirt: Asos (similar herehere)
Coat: F21 (similar here)
Bracelet: The Limited (similar here, here)
Necklace: DIY
Shoes: VS (similar here, here)
Watch: Movado


  1. When you were tell us about the sewing machine, I thought you sewed the skirt in the picture. Looking forward to seeing the pieces you make. Nice job with the necklace.

    1. Haha...I would love to make a similar skirt for myself. May not be too far off.
      Thanks hun!

  2. Loving the outfit! I agree with you that sewing is not hard, just requires a lot of practicing. I basically self-taught myself how to sew last summer and I have been making clothes for myself since then. Good Luck on the sewing and pls share with your diys with us.

    Have a blessed weekend.
    Raliat O.

    1. Thanks dear. Yap, lots of practice and patience. But, it is coming along nicely.
      Thanks, will definitely share my diy projects.


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