Letter to My 18 Months Old Sweet Eliana

My sweet baby girl, it is a true joy to watch you grow. Just like that you turned one and a half. Each day is one full of new adventures, funny faces and big smiles. You wake up with the biggest smile and so much to say, which only makes me wish I can understand your words. We don't let the language barrier get in the way though, lol. We still engage in our morning conversation.
You are a bubbling shinning star and I'm super proud to be your mom.
So what are you up to at 18 months, You are ...
The door police. No door can remain unclosed in your sight. We can trust every door in the house to closed at all times, thanks to you.
You like to charge our phones, whether it needs charging or not. Needless to say, the chargers are usually unplugged from the wall.
You are very tidy and specific about putting things back just the way you found and you take your time to get it right. I think I know who you got that from. *wink*
You are quick to say bye (on most days)  when I drop you off at daycare but also quick to run into my arms when I arrive to pick you up.
You are fearless and strong, both in character and physically. You attempt to lift and push everything. Even things that are way bigger than you.
You like to run. I believe you know it will take you longer to reach your point of interest with your small legs, so you just run everywhere.
You have master the act of going up and down the staircase.  You got the going up part down months ago, but you've only recently mastered the approach I've been teaching you to come down, which involves using your butt. Left up to you, you want to come down just like adults, stepping down with your legs, but they are not quite long enough.
You can be dramatic at times, that includes when you're practicing you fake cry.
When it comes to food, you're still the same picky eater, which I'm learning to live with.
You know how to get on our good side once you've misbehaved by offering hugs, kisses and snuggling up.
You used to say daddy nonstop for everything, but now that you're beginning to understand how things work, it's now mummy nonstop.
You're finally getting fond of your teddy bears. You used to run from them, but now, you feed them, hug them and take them good care of them.
My prayer for you is that you will continue to grow in grace, favor and strength. God's light will continue to shine upon you and your heart will forever be full of love, joy and peace.
Love you lots.


  1. Awww, such a sweet delight you bundle of blessing is. Praying you have many more blissfull years and she continues to ever make you proud.

  2. Aww soo cute..she reminds me of Seyi soo much...they are similar in so many ways! Keep making your parents smile Eliana :)

    1. I can so see that. God bless our little ones.


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