Letter to My 21 Months Old Sweet Elaina

A little late on this post, but better late than never.

My dear Eliana, in just under 3 months, you’ll become a 2 years old. How time really flies. Like I say in almost all my letters to you, it’s been a true joy watching grow and becoming the little lady full of love, joy and funky personality. Your daddy and I are truly blessed to have you in our lives.
So what are you up to at 21 months….
You’re love to say “mommy-mommy” not just mommy
You love to say hi to strangers, really loud with a wave. You also spark up random conversation with them, both little kids and adults if they are in close proximity.
You now say and understand the concept of thank you. You even say if for us when we send you on an errand and forget to say thank you.
You said you first sentence” go to mommy” talking to one of your friends
You randomly tell family members I love you. You don’t say it when prompted, only when you feel like it, which makes it even more special
And for some reason, you had a phase where you were sleeping more in our bed than yours. You cling so tight to mommy with absolutely no space between us. That seems to be the only way you're able to fall asleep. That gradually stopped
You say and love grandma
You’re still a picky eater, only expanding your menu to include your obsession with chips and anything in a shinny sealed package. Yap, that went away real fast. 
You know some of your body parts; head, eyes, tummy, nose, mouth.
You can recite A to D and count 1 to 3
You love shoes. A girl after my heart :)
You call milk, “meee” and now shake your head to say no or say the word NO
You love being outdoor
Your understanding of Yoruba is improving on daily basis
And you’re pretty much mimicking everything you see us do.

You moved to NC! started a new daycare and you seem to be well adjusted to you teachers and new friends.

We love you sweet Eliana. Keep growing, keep shinning and keep making our hearts smile.

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  1. This melts my heart...shes so sweet. God bless you my girl...plenty hugs!!!


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