Going Private

Not too long ago, I did a post about what I share on the blog and trying to find the fine line.
I unfortunately had the opportunity to watch a blogging mom I follow, love and respect get bullied and insulted over the use of her picture with her daughter by other accounts in a way she didn't approve of. It was heart wrenching to watch and read the disgusting comments as a mom and a blogger, knowing this could be me. I'm proud of the way she handled the situation and herself. How she fought for her property and family and I'm glad she came out winning. 

I've seen this happen one too many times especially with blogging moms. From people copying all your child's images and re-posting on fake accounts claiming your child  as their own, to people just  feeling like they can do whatever  they want with your pictures.  Just because I posted it on the internet, doesn't give any one the right to use it in any way, shape or form as they see fit, without my consent. That is the mentality with these people.

I know this is the risk in blogging especially if you’re sharing personal content like myself and these moms are doing. Given that I just did a post on content sharing not too long ago, watching this happen now makes my stomach turn. I've seen some bloggers quit all together because of issues like this; some stopped sharing pictures of their kids and some went private. It happens too often and no mom should have to fight to have a picture of her child taken down because it has been used without her consent one, and two, the message attached to it is not what she stands for. With that being said, I hope to never find myself in such situation. 

Like I said before, I love blogging and sharing and I'd rather freely share with a few people than regretfully share with multitude of people. The first thing that crossed my mind as I was following the event unfold was, how can I protect myself, family and content from going through the same thing. Of course the first thing that came to mind was going private with all my social media accounts including the blog. I know it is not a safe proof from anything like this ever happening but the thought of it made me feel better for a moment. After giving it some thought, I decided not to cut myself off, at least for now. Being open has given me the opportunity to meet and connect with you, my great readers. Some of you have become more than readers, we've become friends. That is just one of the tangible benefits of blogging and being open.
Like everything else in life, you can't let one or many inconsiderate people dictate the direction you take your life.
I have to say hubby loved the idea of going private :) and I did too.
But for now, we remain open.

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