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I've been on a shopping freeze lately which is both a good and bad thing. Good because well,  I don't end up buying stuff unnecessarily. Mostly because I don't get to wear over half of the things in my closet as often anymore so adding new pieces that will take months to finally  get a wear just doesn't make sense. Bad because when I eventually come out of my freeze, I tend to go overboard. I think I did well this time around when you considered the fact that I wasn't just shopping for myself but also for Eliana as well.

Two of my favorite things from my recent purchase are this Jacket from H&M and this Bag from Target; can't get enough of them. I got the bag in 2 colors so far, Coral Starfish and Metallic Blue and I love both. I especially love the Sierra Gold, but that is currently out of stock. If Target happens to have any kind of sale anytime soon while this bag is still available, rest assured I will be getting it in more colors. I've been looking for a small but functional cross body bag for a while now to break from my regular large handbags and this is just the perfect size for all my everyday essentials.

On the other hand, I only got this H&M jacket in one color, Powder Pink. It was on sale at the time and I was going to get the black one as well, but between adding it to my cart and checking out, it went out of stock in my size. Won't mind it in the other colors / Pattern as well. Still keeping an eye on it.

Have a great week!

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