Currently Loving...Slow Down

*Insert teary face emoji all over this post*

I cannot listen to this song without crying but I love love love it. 
It is that perfect song with all the perfects words about how I feel being a mom and watching Eliana grow.

Gosh, she's going to turn 3 in three months and with every milestone or just simply watching her grow each day, it's hard not to get teary eyed listening to this. 

Reflecting on bringing her home as a baby, now she's this toddler and just imaging the young lady she's going to grow into...Yes, please, Slow Down! 

What makes this even more emotional is being pregnant with Baby2 and being reminded of how it all started, knowing what's to come. 

Each day we are blessed with is a gift from God not to be taken for granted. So, this song is just another reminded to cherish each and every moment and hug her tighter than before.

I'm pretty sure i'm not the only parent that feels this way listening to the song.

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