Baby2 Pregnancy Survival Kit

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Coming off a 4-day-long weekend, I'm breezing through this short work week and looking forward to the weekend already. 
Today I'm sharing my must haves, sort of like my survival kit for this pregnancy. Most of these items I used during my first pregnancy and since they worked so well for me the first time around, it only makes sense to stick with it the second time around, so here we go.

I cannot rave enough about this thing. I absolutely love it! I'm not a fan of maternity clothes or pants with all that extra fabric/elastic on the waist. I tried some on during my first pregnancy and it just felt weird. All I can say is I'm glad I found this Bellybelt. Not sure how I came about it because there is a lot of variation or version or belly belt or belly band out there. Same set that lasted me through my first pregnancy is going to last me through pregnancy #2 and more if need be, so definitely worth the money. I haven't/usually don't use the cover up pieces that comes with it, just the button and hook-and-eye extenders works perfectly well on their own, paired with a top that hits below the waist of a regular tank top to covers the waistline. It is definitely a life saver for all my work pants and jeans.

No one wants more or any stretch mark at all during pregnancy. I thankfully made it through my first pregnancy without any new stretch marks on or around my belly, just some lighter spot around my belly button, so I'm giving the Bio Oil a go this time around also. I use it twice a day, morning and evening before going to bed. What I love the most about it is that it doesn't leave you feeling oily, it absorbs in quick and well. 

I think the body definitely adjusts to your most natural physical states before pregnancy during pregnancy, if that makes sense. During my first pregnancy, I lived in heels and I felt most comfortable in it, from weekdays to weekends. At that time, wearing flats gave more back pains. Complete opposite this time; since my new job pretty much frowns upon heels, I've become accustomed to wearing and living in flats. Wearing heels now feels a little weird and sometimes uncomfortable depending on what type of heels I'm wearing. So, now I mostly go with my wedges and block/thick heels when I do wear them.
My everyday go-to comfortable black work flats with covered toes and heels (required for work) literally crapped out on me at work. That's how much I wore it and how much walking around I've been doing in them lately. So, I'm definitely looking to replace it and I'm eyeing these two pairs here and here.

I cannot stress how essential this is for me. My fellow mommies out there can probably testify to the fact that it is not only your belly that grows during pregnancy; believe it or not, your boobs grow during the process as well. What this means for me is wired bra out and new wireless ones in. New comfortable, no underwire, just pure comfort and support. Since I know it's just for a time period and size is ever changing, I usually don't splurge.  These ones here and here from Target serve me well. 

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