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Hi love! 
 It's almost Friday and I couldn't be more excited for the weekend for no special reason, other than IT IS THE WEEKEND. No plans, just some much needed rest and relaxation. Knowing my crazy self though, I'm sure I'll get my hands busy with something around the house. If not cooking and cleaning, it will be putting together or re-arranging some furniture's around the house and if not that, well, I have a few headbands to make and send on their way. Nothing planned, just going with the flow because this is the first weekend hubby is back after being away for a straight two weeks and it was just myself, Eliana and a whole lot of virus as we were both sick, mostly me, the entire time. So, Yay for a regular, healthy weekend around here.

It's no news that cold shoulders are in trend. What really attracted me to this dress was the vertical print and the dash of pink on the bottom. It feels almost relaxed-tribal-chic. Paired it with my new cross-body bag I grabbed during the Nordstrom sale and some old block heels.

Dress: Asos
Bag: Nordstrom
Watch: Movado 

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