Letter to My 3 Years Old Sweet Eliana

As usual, better late than never. Here’s my note to you at 3!

Oh my sweet girl. You are growing right before my eyes and I am thankful every day for you and for the joy and happiness you bring into our family every single day.

I am glad to report we did not experience the "terrible two", but rather, we had a season of wonderful two's. Let's just hope I didn't just jinx it.

The road to three was a fun filled and pleasant one with lots of learning along the way.

So, as a 3 years old,...
You love to read. No matter how tired or late you end up going to bed, because those days do happen, you still pick a story for the night before you get in your bed and would not fall asleep till you hear "the end".

You have no problem sleeping in your own room. I was a little worried transitioning from the apartment where you pretty much always ended up in bed with us to going back to your own room at the new house, but you had no issues with that. Needless to say, you love your big girl room and bed, and your space.

You can say your nightly prayers, praying for everyone from mom, dad and baby, to grandmas and grandpas, to aunties and uncles, and your friends and teachers by name.
You love doing gymnastic and ballet move. At least that’s what you call the moves. When you start somersaulting across the room, you call that gymnastic and when you twirl and try to stand on foot to spin, you call that "ballerina", both are pretty accurate. That's a cue for me to find you ballet or gymnastic class. I promise, I'm working on it, just waiting on your baby sister or brother to get here so we can get adjusted to our new schedule before we take on anymore commitments.

You love to help, you always have and when we don't allow you to, you get sad. Can't wait to utilize that helpful nature of yours when baby gets here.

You think you're getting and wants a baby sister even though we don't know yet. Telling you it might be a baby brother upsets you, but I’m sure in the end you’ll be a great big sister and will love your little baby regardless.
You love riding your bicycle, anytime, anywhere.

You want to put a bandage on any little boo boo, even when it's non-existence.

Every kid, big or small on the street is your friend.

You love the camera, when you're in the mood. You already have your signature pose. No doubt you picked that up from mommy.

You don't like being called baby anymore in any context, because according to you, you are now a "big girl" or a "big sister big girl".

You are very independent. A common theme since you were a baby. These days you just tell me "I'll do it myself" and refuse to let us help you with most things.

You are curious and asks why like a million times a day.

You love to play outside, as it has always being the case. If allowed, you’ll be on the playground all day. When I arrive to pick you up too early from daycare and you are about to go outside or just stepped out, you get upset and cry. Weather permitting, mommy ends up taking you to the playground when we get home.
You are finally overcoming your fear of the swing. You stay on without screaming like you used to and say “mommy push me a little”. The slide is still your favorite activity to do at Park / playground.

You now eat candy. I honestly do not know how that happened but you do and will ask for it when we got on the supermarket like you like to call it.

You prefer water over juice and you only like apple juice.

You love smoothie and you're still a picky eater, sticking to your regulars.

You're learning all about shapes and colors (pink is your favorite and I think purple comes in second), ABC’s and 123’s and getting better each day.
Eliana we love you so much and my prayer for you in this new year of your life is that you continue to grow in the wisdom of God and under the shadow of the Almighty. The road to Four is going to be filled with even more adventure and I pray for God’s protection and guidance along the way. Just always remember you are beautiful inside and out, you’re unique and wonderfully made and God has great plans for your life.

With love, my precious first born Sweet Eliana

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