Hospital Bag No.2

My plan was to post this before Baby2's arrival but as you can see that didn't happen as he (yes, he's a he, in case you missed it on my Instagram) decided to make an early (expected) arrival. So here goes.

Since this is my second time around doing this, I decided it was worth sharing. Didn’t really share much the first time as it was a learning experience for me as well. Having done this twice now, I thought I’ll share what I packed in my hospital bag. I must say I did well the first time around not over packing and not under packing either. So, learning from my past, majority of what I brought with me the first time, with the addition of a few new things made their way into the same little black sequins overnight bag I used the first time.

One funny thing I did the first time was when we arrived at the hospital was intentionally leaving my bag in the car because I was not sure if it was really time or if I would be sent home so I didn’t want to do the first timer wake of shame with the bag if sent back home; luckily we weren’t sent back so after checking in and all settled, hubby went to retrieve the bag from the car.

Did the same thing leaving the bag behind this time as well, with hubby retrieving it later but for a different reason.

So, here’s goes my list of essentials to pack.

To start with an overnight / small travel bag. As mentioned earlier. I used the same bag I used the first time around. It’s the perfect size for a couple of days at the hospital and the sequins adds just right amount of glitz.

Shower slipper and house Slippers/Socks: For showering and waking around the room / hospital. This is an essential for me as I don't imagine walking around or showering barefoot in the hospital. I prefer something I can slip on and off very easily as you tend to get in and out of the bed quite often during the stay hence the house slippers or preferably something you can comfortably keep on, such as a comfy sock.

Personal essential toiletries/cosmetic: Not looking to be all dolled up during my stay at the hospital but it doesn't hurt to look decent.  So, for this I’ll packing in my toiletry and cosmetic bag containing the following; toothbrush, tooth paste, face wash, face cream, travel size body wash, body lotion, wash cloth, hair comb/brush, face powder, eye liner and lip gloss.

I should note that the hospital will provide majority of things mentioned above as far as toiletries (including mesh panties and pads), if you don’t bring one with you. So, if you have no preference, then you can leave all that at home. I did receive a very nice toiletry bag with all the essentials from the hospital without even asking with my first but not this time.

Pajamas / Gown / Robe: I stayed in the hospital gown pre-and post-delivery till I was given the ok to shower and then I changed into my robe for the first day and then regular clothes after that. The robe makes you feel more human and more comfortable and still easy for the nurse to do their checkups as there will be plenty of that hours following delivery.

One or two comfortable outfits / Going home outfit: Last time, I went with some comfortable tights and tunic tops and I did the same this time around as well. Unless you’re planning on lounging in your robe during the whole stay, depending on how long your stay is, you’ll need a couple pair of comfortable outfits both for the hospital stay and going home.

Electronic and gadget: To keep me entertained during the stay and keep families informed: Phone, Ipad / notepad and headphones. Don’t forget the chargers, they are just as important. 

Nursing bra & nipple cream: If planning on breastfeeding. The nipple cream is essential for me. Didn't start using it until later the last time, but this time, It's coming with me and resuming duty from day one.

Baby essentials: Going home outfit for baby, hat, mitten, blanket, socks & burp cloth. Everything else baby needs such as diapers and wipes will be provided by the hospital.

Identification/ documents: This is just a matter of making sure all the necessary identifications, insurance cards and things of such already reside in my daily hand bag.

Lastly, the car seat. Although not needed right away, you’ll need it to leave the hospital.

Talk to you soon.

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