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It is no news that the woman's body goes through a lot of changes during that very crucial 9 months of carrying and growing a baby. I'm sure everyone has a few things they love about being pregnant and even a few not so lovable ones, at least for me.

 Today, I'll be sharing my favorites and not so favorites things about the physical body changes during and post pregnancy. After going through this twice, these things that have really held true with both experiences.

5 Favorite Body Changes During and Post Pregnancy
Hair: When I'm pregnant, it's like my hair is on steroids. It grows fast and full, very full. Gone are the days when I used to want and like my hair to lay as flat and straightened as possible on my head, but now, I appreciate some fullness and bounce in hair, especially during pregnancy. Thanks to the pre-natal vitamins and all those hormones.

Bigger Burst: Ok, I know I'm calling attention to my burst here, but it's hard not to notice and acknowledge the difference. Some people can make it through pregnancy and stay their regular bra size, not me. With my first pregnancy, I changed bra sizes twice before I delivered and started nursing. Something I didn't appreciate then, but now, I do. Knowing and seeing the tremendous work (lol) they are doing, it is worth appreciating. Having my clothes either not fit or fit a little too tightly around the burst is a slight price to pay for the tons of free milk we get.

Food: Ok, I must admit, this is one of the few times I feel like I can eat unapologetically. Going for that second round or having the last of something. I love food, so not feeling bad about eating because I have a good excuse is a win for me. The first few weeks postpartum is when I feel like I eat the most actually. I guess I can attribute that to all that milk production. I feel like I was always hungry hence I was eating nonstop. I finally feel like I'm getting a handle on it.

Nails: Ah, it's funny this happened the first time as well. All I've ever wanted was strong, natural long nails but a soon as it grows a tiny bit now and they do grow fast, I cut them off. I tried keeping them  a decent length, but I'm that mom that pokes her kids even with the slightest bit of nail when getting them ready. So, the only way to avoid poking my children and accidentally scratching them is to keep them really short. I do still love that even though I keep them short, they are strong and healthy and not constantly chipping or peeling like they used to.

Clear and glowing skin: My skin is at its best when I'm pregnant even without doing much, and my routine really doesn't consist of much. But, just having clean, clear, radiant skin without even trying is a definite plus

On to the flip side

5 Non- Favorite Body Changes During and Post Pregnancy
Weight gain/losing the weight: The weight gain is not so much a dislike as much as trying to lose it afterwards. Maybe if I was a work-out type of person, this wouldn't be a big deal for me but since I survive on as little work out as possible, well you can see my dilemma.

Not being able to fit in my clothes: Kind of goes along with my first point. But, I think I took it harder this time. Apart from working in a industry that doesn't allow me to fully utilize my closet now, pregnancy limited my options even further. I really don't know how I made it through 9 months of pregnancy buying only one or two maternity items.

Strength mark: No one wants stretch marks, but once you have them, you learn to love them as they are part of you and your new body. On the bright side, it's a beautiful reminder of the wonderful work your body did and the beautiful lives it created. When Eliana asks about the ones I know have on my belly, I tell her it's a gift ('birth mark') she and her brother gave me and she loves that explanation/fact. She'll even sometimes point to each line and say this is Emmanuel and this is Eliana.

Sleep deprivation: This hold true for both during pregnancy and post. I mean how much sleep can you really get when you're waking up every 2 hours to use the bathroom as you enter those final months, which turns into feeding every 2 hours once baby arrives.

Hair lose: Well, the luscious full hair gained during pregnancy doesn't last forever. This is my least favorite of all. The amount of hair I shed and see on the floor in the morning and pretty much all around the house months following delivery is insane. Very soon my hair will be back to its regular old flat self.

Ok, I hope you've enjoyed reading about my honest like and dislike of pregnancy and beyond.

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