Emmanuel :: Seven Months Letter

So after what seems like an endless round of medications and doctor’s visit we finally got a break and was able to have some fun.
Boy, time is flying by and I seriously need to start thinking about what I’m doing for your first birthday. That’s a side note.
So, What were you up to in month 7…

You started crawling or more appropriately, dragging yourself across the floor.

You started saying mama. Hello, I’m here for that! You are definitely a mama’s boy.

With that said, you are getting more attached to mama.

You visited the children museum for the first time with your sister, cousin and some friends.

You developed this determined fake cry / scream when you want something or something gets taken away from you

You went on your first plane ride, while still in recovery and you did awesome. Granted it was a short plane ride, but we got delayed and spent an extra 5 hours in the airport and the ride back was delayed as well and extra bumpy but none of that seemed to fazed you as you ate, slept, laughed and played through it all.

  Month 7 was fun with no sick doctor's visit. 

We laughed, spent time with auntie, tried some new food and got bigger.
My dear sweet baby boy, I pray with all my heart that the grace of God upon your life will never cease. And, just like this day and every single day since you came into our llives, the joy you bring will never end.

Lots of love.

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