Emmanuel :: Eight Months Letter

Hello my beautiful baby boy.

You did a lot of growing in month eight both physically and developmentally.

You sprouted you first teeth and just a couples of week after, the second on came along.

You are the master of crawling now and you can pretty much compete in a crawling race. And, the way you maneuver your way around is beyond me.

You started pulling yourself up and love to stand by leaning on furniture's or any object that will support you. E.g. mommy's leg. Unless you're seriously engrossed in your play with your sister, you'll most likely be found standing and not sitting. With that, you're learning / trying to walk around by holding on to said object and walking around it. 

You're even taking it a step further and attempting to climb the staircase. You just haven't quite figured out the arm, leg coordination to make that happen yet.

When you're in your walker, you love the fact that you can "run" in it. And, I think you enjoy bumping into stuff and people. 

You are already a sweet tooth. You love your yogurts and your fruits. But, when it comes to veggies you pretty much act like you're choking to avoid eating it. The first time you gave that reaction, I almost lost it thinking you were allergic or choking, only to find out you don't like greens and do all you can including sticking you tongue out, pushing the food out and having a mini episode. It is truly quite a show you put on when veggies are in roll.
I can see that your love and admiration for your sister grows each day.

Your attachment to mommy is becoming real, even to the point of you refusing daddy's offer to carry you when you got upset. That was a first and a surprise.

  You went on your first road trip and did amazing. Although, I could clearly tell you would have preferred not to see the inside of a car seat for a few weeks after that. After the trip, as I prepared to put you in your car seat the following work day, you were really fighting me and didn't want to go down. Can't blame you though. Spending that much time in your car seat will not be happening again anytime soon.

You have blossomed and keep developing new personality, which makes watching you grow each day even more exciting.

I don't believe I have said this before, but you are the most calm, easiest and happiest baby ever. 
I thank God for making you just the way you are. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and can't wait to see what the next 3 months has in store before the big One.


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