5 Kitchen Gadgets On My Must Have List


   To know me is to know that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

I never knew the power of these items until I had them in my kitchen, and they have forever changed the way I operate  in my kitchen. It is guaranteed that if any of these items breaks or goes missing, I will be replacing them promptly. So, let's get into what they are and why I love them so much.

First on the list is an Air Fryer

For years I contemplated getting one. But, I always talk myself out of It thinking, why do I need a mini oven when I have an actual one. Why do I need a fryer if I have a perfectly good frying pan and stove? 😀 Then the other issue of even if I did want it or entertained the thought of getting one, the options were endless, and I end up spending way too much time browsing and looking at air fryers that I end up being turned off.


That was my story until one faithful day. I must have seen an ad or something that prompted me to go on Amazon and look at the air fryer, and it ended like it always does, overwhelmed with options for something I don't even need. The next day, I walked into Costco, and guess what was sitting right there by the entrance, yap, air fryers. I took it as a sign that someone somewhere really wanted me to have one, and today was the day. And, guess what, there were no options. Just one size and reasonably priced, so I went for it.

I can tell you that I have not had a reason to regret that decision. Having an air fryer is such a lifesaver for me, especially when I want to make something quick or small portions.

I have made just about everything in my air fryer, from roasted vegetables to meat and fish, and even baking. The thing I probably use it for the most is plantains. I have not deep-fried a single plantain in oil ever since I got one. This air fryer has changed the game on so many levels on how we eat and how easy it is to put a meal together.

Get my exact air fryer HERE

Second on the list is this over the sink roll-up dish drying rack

If anyone had told me in the past that a day will come why I will not have a gigantic dish drying rack permanently seated on my countertop, I would have called their bluff. You know the ones I'm talking about; the plastic two-piece ones that have a rack and a tray to collect the drained water and comes in many colors, that one. It was in Florida that I decided to do away with it for two reasons. One countertop space and two, it just didn't fit my aesthetic anymore. While we were in Florida, I converted to using a dish mat/towel when needed. When we got to Colorado, now dealing with a highland installed sink, I figured there must be another solution that is not a complete eyesore and doesn't have to sit on my counter permanently and I can put it away when not needed. After a few keyword searches, I came across this particular item. 

I love the fact that it is discrete. It goes over the sink, and I can roll it up and put it away when it's not being used. And the best part, it does not take up too much storage space.

It comes in various sizes, so be sure to measure your sink opening leaving, an inch or two for overhang.

Roll-up drying dish rack HERE

Third item on my list is the cordless shark vacmop

Now, one can argue this is more of a home item, but I dupe it a must-have on my kitchen gadget list because that is where I use it the most. It's easy to use, lightweight, cordless, and pretty much a lifesaver. Cleaning up after prepping a meal or after the kids, a million times a day has never been easier. I honestly cannot remember the last time I used my broom and packer. 

This vacmop is my go-to for any clean-up in my kitchen, whether wet or dry. I use it more as a sweeper than a mop, but that's just what my day-to-day calls for. The suction on this thing is powerful.

Shop VacMop HERE

Number four on my list is this pancake batter mixer

See, I was doing just fine using my bowls and whisk to make pancake batter or any simple pancake and a scoop to pour. But, since I started using this mixer, I haven't gone back to my old ways, so that says something about the product. It is essentially a stop shop mixer and pourer. One container to pour all my ingredients into, close, mix, open, and stream directly onto the griddle, say no more. I also love that it has a measurement grade on it, so I do my measured liquids first without even using a measuring cup for that, and it is so easy to clean. 

If you make batter as much as I do, it is worth a try, and I'm pretty sure you'll like it. Get it HERE

Last but certainly no least on my list is this magnetic double sided measuring spoon.

We've all had spoon sets that one or two pieces wanders off or runs to the back of the drawer, and you have to chase it down. Well, no more.

I love that this measuring spoon has a magnetic feature that keeps all the pieces together, so, you know, if you find one, you find all. Since not spice containers or jars are made equal, and they come in all shapes and forms, I love the double-sided feature on this. One side is round, and one side is oval. The rounded end sometimes doesn't fit in standard jars, so that's where the oval end comes to the rescue.

Available HERE

Since I'm all about over the sink gadget now, I've been using this over the sink colander as well.  am adding as a bonus on my list of five things. 😀

Till next time


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