Live From Vegas: Hurricane Sandy / Stuck in Vegas

Hello people! I know you've probably noticed my absence from the blog world. This is all due to situations beyond my control. I am currently sitting in the casino lobby of a hotel in Vegas like a homeless person.

To give you a quick run down of what I've been up to, last week was a bit hectic due to the four-day work week. Then I went off to Vegas for the weekend, then I got stuck in Vegas thanks to hurricane Sandy, then I am still stuck in Vegas. Now praying I make it home tomorrow safely. Even though things are not all rosey at home due to flooding and power outage since yesterday, that's where I'll rather be with my husband than stuck in vegas all alone.

I was so frustrated and perplexed when I  found out I won't make it home on Sunday. After a wonderful weekend with friends what am I to do all by myself for the next couple of days. On Monday I was still in the same mood, but today I thought why not enjoy it while it last, at least I'm one day closer to finally going home. So today, I enjoyed a free dinner, went to Bellagio to enjoy the fountain show, which was great. I easily spent an hour there without even realizing it. So now, I'm just waiting to get on the shuttle to the airport and get on my very early flight back home tomorrow. My prayer is that it doesn't get canceled again.

So I'll probably be missing on here much longer as there's no power at home and I've got tons of work to catch up on. Yap, even though work was closed, it wasn't really closed for me. All my meetings still held as planned and the emails keeps pouring in. So the rest of the week and next week is going to be fun not to say otherwise.

Hope everyone in the path of the storm is safe. I'm definitely thankful the damage to our place didn't go beyond power outage. I know there are families that lost loved ones and people that lost their houses but my hubby is safe, I am safe and we still have a roof over our head so, I'm thankful.

I'll try to be back to my regular posts as soon as I can.

Till then, stay safe and blessed. And keep the people of New Jersey, New York and surrounding areas affected by the "perfect storm" in your prayers.


  1. So sorry to hear about your ordeal. It's good that you decided to turn your lemons into lemonade. Hope by now you have arrived home safely.

    1. Thanks girl! I made it home safely the next day.

  2. I am glad you and your hubby are safe and I hope you were able to take that flight home. I thank God for your life!

    1. Thanks Funmi. made it home safely. I thank God too, it's all by his grace.


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