Button Front Skirt and Turtleneck

Happy New Month!!!
Hope you guys had a great thanksgiving with family and friends. We spent ours as a family of 3.
It is December which means 2013 is surely coming to an end. Can't believe how fast this year has run by and all the changes that came with it. The biggest one of course is welcoming miss Eliana into our lives. There is so much to be thankful and grateful for as I reflect on the past months and all God has done for my family. 

While I've lost all my pregnancy weight plus a few extra, yes, I'm surprised too. I'm still trying to figure out what works and how to dress my current body.
I've always wanted an open front skirt and this one is just the right one for me. Not only is it open front, It has a lot more going for it. It's a textured skirt, with buttons and asymmetrical. It's what I wanted plus more. So I just couldn't pass it up when I saw it. Letting the skirt shine, I paired it with a basic turtleneck top and black pumps.

Top: H&M, Skirt: Asos, Necklace: F21, Jacket:Vertigo Paris , Shoes: Ralph Lauren 


  1. You are looking flawless…. love the hair and the overall look. It works out right. You are lucky to have shed all the baby weight that fast… people would die to have your body..lol! Keep it going dear.

    1. Thanks girl!

      I know...some other level of luck. considering the fact that i did absolutely nothing. Well, except breastfeed, i think that plays a big part.

  2. wow your really bouncing back so well, i wouldn't have thought u had a child. Lovely outfit, the skirt fits you so well :)


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