Hi-Low and Grey Boots

Hi everyone!
Hope your week is going well. Mine has been filled with daycare center shopping for miss E. I've been putting this task off for the longest hoping that the day she'll have to go to one will never come. But, in reality, that day is fast approaching and giving that most of the good centers have a wait list, I better get on it now or be stuck with a less desirable center when the time comes. So no more procrastination.  I saw some centers that if it was the last resort, I'll quit my job and stay home with her and others that just looks like baby heaven. Today, I believe we found the perfect place for us. It's closer to my work, so I can go visit during my break and I feel very comfortable leaving her there without a doubt, unlike some other places. I still have one more place to see but I doubt it will top this. With that, I think I can check one more to-do off my list.

The weekend is almost here which means our trip to Indiana is just right around the corner. Miss E. will be getting on her first flight before she turns two months. I'm still a little nervous about traveling with a newborn all by myself but the fact that it's a short 2 hours flight is calming my nerves a little. The plan is for Mr. D. to escort us to the gate before he turns back and return home. I'm just hoping the plan I have in my head goes exactly like that the day off.

I've always consciously stayed away from hi-low anything until this dress. Not sure exactly why because I do love some pieces when I see it on others. But, picturing it on myself is a different story. It's just a style I've always avoided until this dress. I saw it and something in me nudged me to give it a try. The style is simple with no extra add-ons, it's long sleeve, and the rich color makes it worth trying. That's not to say I'll be interested in another hi-low piece. I think this dress has checked that box for me. But then again, never say never :)
  DSCN2663DSCN2662 DSCN2664 

Dress: F21, Boots: Target

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