Hello June

 Hi loves, Happy New Month! 
Almost half way through the year, grateful for all that has been and all that will be.  
 I'm not even going to whine about how long it’s been since I lasted posted but boy can't believe it's been this long. You can attribute that to me mostly being all in my feeling and just been "lazy" for good reasons if I may say. At some point I thought this was going to be the end of blogging but naaaa....even if it sporadic, I still enjoy blogging. 

So, since the last post, lots have happened, I’m sure we’ll catch up in time. Just got back from a much needed getaway; yes, without Eliana.  It was the perfect timing and just what I needed to get out of my "blue days". See it worked; I’m back on here :)  So we went away for a few days to Florida. We spent half the time in Miami and the other half in West Palm Beach.  While we wanted the active bustling lifestyle of Miami, we decided towards the end we just wanted some peace and relaxation and West Palm Beach was perfect for that. 

I mentioned in a previous post one of the pecks since moving to NC is finding a perfect sitter for Eliana. If you know me well you know I'm pretty picky with who I leave my child with. I mean I haven’t really left her with anyone for more than a few hours not to talk overnight for almost 3 years, with the exception of her dad. So fact that the first time I did, I left her in care of her sitter, that says a lot of her sitter and about how much Eliana loves having her around. She has truly been a blessing to us. It can be hard when you don't have family members or close friends around to help out when you need it; even then everyone has their busy schedule. Just glad we found her and how everything worked out. I have to say I was a little worried Eliana won't be super excited when we returned, like she'll be indifferent because every time we called she was having a good time and doesn't really seemed to be bother that we weren't around. I'm happy to say I was utterly surprised with her expressions and excitement when we walked in, although she did run straight by me and went to daddy first, she eventually made her way back to me and was stuck like glue to me the rest of the night.

Given the situation with Eliana, we didn't want to travel too far. Florida is just less than two hours direct from us, so it checks the box for both a quick travel and ideal spot for a a getaway. Although the two hours trip in did turn into over 8 hours of delay and multiple flights, the end result was well worth it. 
Talk to you soon!


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