New Decor Plans

Hi Loves.
You bet I can't wait to get in and start putting stuff in place in our new house.
I love decorating and haven't really gotten the chance to fully go all out until now since I didn't considered our past residents permanent. Since we always knew at the back of our mind when the next move will be, I didn't see the point in making every nook of the place special. This time around is different, I can finally and surely call it our home. 

As you all know, designing and decorating can get expensive very quickly and I'm of course trying to do this on a reasonable budget. So, that means, some potential DIY’s, shopping around sale season starting with the upcoming 4th of July sale for our essentials and need-right-away big ticket items, and, lastly taking my time to find the right product that fits our space. I will also be incorporating some of our old items/ furniture’s as well so that will save some. A mix of old and new is never a bad thing.In fact I think the new pieces with bring new life and perspective to the old stuff.

I have a vision for every room in the house and can't wait to start bringing it to live. Clean, simple and airy with pop of colors will be the best way to describe my theme. So in essence lots of neutral colors with pop of bold colors here and there. 

One item already purchased is our bed. I searched high and low for a decently priced upholstery bed and finally settled on one. 

Here are some other similar options.

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