Emmanuel :: Five Months Letter

Well, let's not even reminisce about how late this 5 months update and the ones to come are. It is finally happening and that is all that matters.

So, let’s play catch up.

My sweet baby boy. I remember when I was pregnant with you and given we did not know whether we were having a boy or a girl, I did secretly wish for another girl but I am so glad God gave me you; as the most perfect baby boy.  I seriously cannot imagine our lives without you. I do not know all that being a boy mom entails but so far, you have made it a breeze and an enjoyable learning experience.

So, in month 5, this is what were up to...
You started eating solids. First meal was baby oatmeal cereal and then came apples, which you love by the way.
You want to stand at all times.  Getting you to sit is usually a struggle.
You are definitely an observer. You take in your surroundings before making any moves.
You’re very playful. You even instigate the screaming between you and your sister sometimes. As soon as you see her, you start making gestures and such.
You want to be held most of the time - thanks to grandma.
Not seeing anyone around you or hearing voices freaks you out. It’s like you want to be included in everything, never missing a moment.
You started picking up stuff like your pacifier (and all other stuff that shouldn’t go in your mouth) and you put it in mouth. 
You are staring to sit up unsupported for a period of time before falling over.
Oh, you found your foot and just like everything else, it goes in your mouth. 
You started rolling over. Something I thought you weren’t interested in, since you pretty much stay put when laid down, until now.

You seems to prefer finger food and chewing to being spoon feed and swallowing. Maybe you just want to get your hands in everything or maybe it’s you using it to soothe your teething. 
You got dedicated in church on Mother’s day.
And my least favorite of all, you started daycare, just a few days shy of turning 6 months.
Well, looks like you had a pretty busy 5 months and everyone is just trying to keep up with you. 

We love to watch you grow but don’t grow too fast.
Love mom.

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