Emmanuel :: Six Months Letter

 Happy Half Birthday!!!

I cannot believe how fast time is passing and how fast you’re growing.  Felt like we just brought you home yesterday and now we are at the half way point to the big One.

Month 6 came with some delightful developmental growth but it also brought about some not so fun sick days, thanks to starting daycare. Might I just add that you are a trooper! You received 4 shots at your 6 months well visit and while you did cry, it only lasted for a few seconds. Not so surprised as your sister was the same way.
So, in month 6…

You are growing tall and there’s data to support that. You are at 81 percentile for height and your clothes are evidence too.

You are showing signs of independence. You can sit and play by yourself a period of time without any fuss.
Starting daycare may be attributed to some of you 6 months growth.

You are starting to hold your bottle and feed yourself.

You are fully sitting up and not falling over anymore.

You love laying on your belly and rolling over, making turns on your belly while remaining in one spot to face whichever direction you want. It’s quite interesting to watch. It’s almost like you pin yourself down on your belly and just rotate 360 degrees. Mommy might have made you do some extra turns.

The not so fun part, you got your first ear infection. If you’re anything like your sister, I guess I should keep my hands crossed as this may just be the beginning. Good thing is I know things I didn’t know with your sister, so hopefully it won’t escalate to that.

You were pretty much not feeling great for the second half of this month. From fevers from the shots, to the ear infection and more fever and another ear infection and even more fever. It was like never ending fever days and doctor’s visit.

Amidst all that, you developed a new habit or singing/talking in the middle of the night. You usually partly wake up, eat and go right back to sleep, but recently you started staying up longer, smiling and singing for a few minutes till you talk yourself back to sleep. This is cute but not great for mommy as I need my beauty sleep.

You went also went to the beach for the first time and I think you enjoyed it. Of course eating the sand was a top priority for you. You got splashed with water and you did not enjoy that at all.

Month 6 allowed us to see a different side of you as this is the first time you’ll fall sick but you remained brave and gentle through it all. With all that came lots of extra cuddle time with mommy and you may have gotten used to that and attached to mommy now, always looking and reaching for mommy.
I pray God’s protection upon you, in all your ways and all that you do.

Love, mom.

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