Back In Michigan I

Oh Michigan....that was where I was before NJ. This post is mostly to honor my Michigan visitors. I was looking through my pictures and when I found my MI album, I was all smiles. Didn't have that many visitors while I was down there, but the ones I had, I cherished everything from the moment they arrived till the moment they drove away.  Ah! my MI days were rough, let's just leave it at that. Apart from my regular visitor Mr. D. two of my sisters visited with friends and I loved those weekends.

This first post is dedicated to my sister and my blogger friend Kemi of Charm Ave. VII We had a blast that weekend. From dancing, to movies, to sushi, to roaming around the city. I believe we were supposed to go out that night, but after eating all those wonderful and tasty Sushi and the old mama's in us kicking it, we ended up staying home. We drank wine and chatted all night till we fell asleep. I think that was more fun than going  through the stress of getting all dressed up to go out in the cold.


Hibachi + sushi

Happy Friday!!!


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