My Kind Of Salad

Hello Beautiful people and happy Friday. I don't eat salad often so I decided to go for a change today and have it for lunch. So I whipped up my kind of salad and it was delicious. Mr. D. doesn't eat salad much either, so I asked him while I was preparing it if he wanted some and he said no, but later changed his mind and said a maybe a little. Well, by the time I was done and serving it, he wished he had asked for more.

This particular salad consist of lettuce, romaine heart, hard boiled egg, carrots, bacon, chicken and ranch dressing. Yes, it was a great lunch.

On a different note, I finally learned how to play the PS3 today thanks to hubby and it was fun. We played the Fifa soccer game a couple of times and I did very well. I think better than he expected. We played a couple of trial games which he graciously allowed me to win. Then I told him to play a serious game with me. While I might not be good at scoring because I'm still getting use to the whole hand-eye coordination and remembering which button does what, I have a pretty good defense which is why he was only able to score 2 goals. 1 in each half, not shabby for a first timer. I think he was expecting 4 to 5 goals. All that beside, my knuckles are seriously cramping and fingers a little shaky from operating the pad.

Cheers to the Weekend!!!


  1. The salad looks great hun, it's making me feel rather hungry I must say. Your bit about playing Fifa with the boyf made me giggle lol. I know what you mean about trying to remember which buttons do what an knuckles hurting lol. Hope you're enjoying your weekend so far.

    I am now following you, please check out my blog comment and follow if you'd like. I'd appreciate it :) xx

  2. Thanks hun. I guess we'll get better at playing FIFA as time goes on and the hurting will subside. Thanks for following. I checked out your blog and now a follower as well.


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