Outfit post: Going Trad

Tribal prints is something the fashion world is recently embracing and becoming more aware of. Almost every collections with print has some interpretation of tribal print in them. Seems like something that was just discovered right; but little do they know these materials have been around for ages. In Nigeria, a good amount of them are called Ankara. They are materials full of personality, life and vibrancy and can be made into different style to fit the individual. An average price for a 6 yards fabric cost about $30 - $60 in the US and to get it tailored depending on the complexity of the style ranges from 80 and above. Please note that I'm speaking from my experience. You can Imagine my disbelief when I see a very simple, seam on both sides caftan or a simple dress or skirt on sale at a store for $200 and above. So for now, anything that has to do with Ankara materials or any African prints outfit, I'll stick with buying the material and tailoring it to my style. 
I wore this particular one to a Nigerian event with hubby over the weekend. Shout out to my tailor for a job well done, everyone loved it and complimented me on it. I guess we were the only young couple rocking the matching outfit and that will get you noticed.

I know you probably want to see a pic of both of us together in out matching outfits but unfortunately we don't have any on our camera, so I told the lady that was taking pics of us to email some to me. Still waiting on that, but once I receive the pictures, I'll update the post.

 Dress: My design (made by my tailor), Shoes:VS, Bag: Eleganza Fashions


  1. Nice, very nice.

    1. Which part? Haha...just joking, thanks much.

  2. these pictures are stunning.


  3. PLs who is your tailor? She did a great job!!!

  4. In the midst... she's all the in Indiana o. Guess I should say she was my tailor. It's hard to still use her since we are many miles apart now .


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