Weekend Recap: Dinner and Interview

Happy new month to everyone! This year is going by so fast; I can't believe it's April already. Seems like we were just saying Happy New Year yesterday, and today we're looking forward to saying Happy Easter in less than a week. I'm glad that time of the year when we remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ is upon us again. Even though every single day of our lives should be a reminder of the great sacrifice of our Lord.

I haven't done a weekend recap for a while now and that's mostly because nothing out of the ordinary has been happening around here. All we do is watch movies, eat and go for walks, which I enjoy. Sometimes it's nice just to sit back and relax. This weekend was a different story though. We went for the membership orientation class for our new church on Saturday. Yes, we are officially members of RCCG: Agape House of Worship (AHOW). It feels good to be part of a christian family and church body again. Not only are we members, we are also workers. I haven't been an active worker in a church for a very long time so I'm excited about that as well. After the class I had to jump in my car and drive across town for my 5pm Interview on a Saturday. 

Yes, you read the last sentence right! I had an evening interview on a Saturday and to make it better, it was at a restaurant which automatically equals eating. I bet that doesn't happen very often; at least not for me. It was definitely a different interviewing experience. The environment did make the setting less formal and more relaxed in some sense. But it heightens your coordination and body language. I'll share with you some of the keys things I quickly made myself aware of and made mental note of as the interview and dinner went along.

  • Do not spend too much time reading the menu 
  • Don't order a big dish. Order something easy to eat and of course not too expensive. Chances are your interviewer will be paying. I order a simple salad
  •  Pace yourself with the food. Take a bit at the same time he does. You don't want to always have food in your mouth when he's getting ready to ask you a question. While you're trying to keep pace with him, you don't want it to be so simultaneous that he knows you are watching his every move with the spoon
  • Relax and smile, there are going to be moments when both of you have your mouth full and you'll find yourself making a couple of eye contacts. Yes, those are awkward moments, but it will pass as soon as you both stop chewing and start talking again.
  • You will know when the interview is over. Usually you would have been given the opportunity to ask questions, then they'll tell you what the next step is and when you'll be hearing back from them. At this point it's pretty much a close. So, what to do then when you both still have food on your plate? Mine was nice enough to tell me I'm free to leave, he doesn't want me sitting there and watching him while he continues to eat. I respectfully took his advice. I sat there a couple more minutes making small talks because I didn't want to jump up as soon as he said I could go. Some few minutes later, I packed my stuff and left, leaving him to finish his dinner in peace. Except you really have something to talk about, take his advice and leave, don't stay just so you can finish your food or sit there watching him eat either.

At the end of the day, it's all about situational awareness and learning how to quickly adapt and respond to it. So if you ever find yourself in a situation like this, I hope some of those keys tips helps. I believe the whole thing went well, so now just pray for me that it keeps moving forward.

This was what I wore to the  interview.

Agaci jacket, H&M pants, Lulus bag, Target shoes, Aeropostale tank top

Happy Monday!!!

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