Outfit Post: Mama's Choice

Summer time equals Ankara (African Print Fabric) season, at least for me. I have officially pulled out my bag of Ankara and lace from under the bed. The Interesting thing about this piece is that it was made back in Nigeria in my absence and my mom actually picked out the fabric and style. The only reason I'm pointing that out is because my mom is all for being covered up and not showing any cleavage, back, leg or anything...lol. Pretty much your typical African mother. So I wasn't surprised when she arrived back in the state and gave me the dress. As you can see, I'm all covered up with even a mini turtle neck :) With all that said, I would ask her to do it again because in the end it turned out to be a very cute and stylish dress. Mama got style!

Got a little playful and comfortable
Dress: Tailored, Shoes:VS, Clutch: F21, Belt: Limited


  1. Lovely pictures.I like the fabric.

  2. Sorry but what the hell do you have wrapped around your necks? Ta!

    1. Mehn...I reserve my comment. But, I'm sure you already know what I want to say...lol


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