Green Polka Dots

 Hi Lovelies! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was good, it started off very tiring. On Friday night, I was so tired all I could do was lay down and  sleep and every time I wake up and try to get up, it was like my body was in a totally different place, I couldn't control it to get up. After a couple of hours of struggling, I was finally able to convince my body to get up. But I was still so weak  that I picked up a piece of paper and it fell right out of my hand.
 Saturday was much better. Went to see Bourne Legacy. It was ok, but not as good as I was expecting it to be considering the previous ones were pretty good. I thought it was a little slow, maybe it's because they are just introducing this new character and they're trying to build up his story, but something was not quite there. Still love Jeremy Renner and his performance though. It was just okay for me. Has anyone else seen the movie and what are your thoughts?
 On to the outfit. Pleats and polka dots are two of my favorite things and every chance I get to combine both is always an exciting opportunity, which is why this skirt is just a perfect piece. Paired it with a floral top, some black black details and I was ready for church.

Top: H&M, Skirts and Belt: F21, Shoes: VS, Bag: Steve Madden, Jewelry: Macys


  1. Cute skirt. I hope you got a good rest this past weekend.

    1. Thanks dear. I got some rest on Sunday and felt much better.

  2. Nice mix of prints. Love the skirt!



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