Peplum and Floral

Hi lovely readers! Hope your weekend was great! This weekend Mr. D and I attended our first wedding together. The wedding was fun and definitely a party scene. The reception was scheduled to end at 1:30am and we left at almost 12am. By the time we got home, we were both so tired. It was just another re-affirmation that those days of staying out late are long gone.
I decided to wear something different because wearing a dress to a wedding is very predictable. I opted for this net peplum top which I love. It's interesting how couples of years ago I would have looked at this pants and probably said it's too much going on, but now, it's what I gravitate towards. I think the top compliments the pants very well with the style and color. Have a great week ahead!

Top and Clutch: Asos, Pants: Zara, Shoes: VS, Necklace: Limited, Bracelets: Express & Cara couture


  1. It's amazing how our sense of style & fashion evolves and changes as we get older. I'm curious to know what pieces I will gravitate towards to a few years from now.
    I love your outfit. the top toned the brightness of your accessories making it pleasing to the eyes.

  2. Love your top...the green is so pretty :)


  3. Nice look! Love the heels.



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