Letter To My 11 Months Old Sweet Eliana

Oh baby! One year in T-27days
I'm ready....no, not really.
11 Months, here we are. My sweet baby and soon to be toddler, the picture above somewhat captures all that you are. Happy, active, goofy, big, strong, playful, curious, bright and a lot more. 

Every single day is just better because you're in it.
So here are some highlights from your 11th month. You sprouted your first tooth. Not set of two just one. You are quite unique aren't you. :)  Not fully emerge yet, still slowing coming out but you seem to know it's there and you're doing a lot with that one semi-emerged tooth.
You are more attached than ever. I guess it's just a phase. You won't cry when people try to carry you, you just turn it into a game. You reach out to them and once they come close enough or reach out to carry you, you turn away, giggling and hugging myself or your daddy tightly or climbing us. That's one of your favorite things now. You like to climb us playfully.

You like to fake-dry. Sometimes, it turns into a real one. But often you just sit and make the fake-crying sound for a few minutes and then you move on to something else. It's like you're acting a scene or something. I know sometimes you do it to get attention also. It's quite funny to watch but not when it turns into a real one.

You're walking with your walker and while holding on to things.
You're standing by yourself when placed in the position but slowly working on getting yourself up from a seated position. I've seen you try several times. You get halfway and then drop back down. It's only a matter of time now.

You like to put your shoes on. As soon as you see me holding a shoe, you stretch you legs forward for me to put it on. You enjoy playing with it once it's on so maybe that's why you like having it one.

Mommy started doing little puff-puffs hairstyle for you. You sit still as long as you have something or one of the instruments I'm using for your hair to play with.

When you're really enjoying what you're eating, you make the hum... sound and you stick your tongue out to lick your whole mouth. By the time we're done I pretty much have no need to wipe your mouth because you've licked everything.

The count down to your One Year begins and between now and then, my prayer is that you will continue to grow in wisdom, statue and strength.
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