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This post concludes the series on Talking My Style. You can read the two previous posts here and here.
In the previous posts, I talked about how I define or categorize my style and the styles I'm attracted to. Today I'll be writing about my style inspiration, what influences my style, and how my style has evolve over the years.

 My style inspiration comes from my surroundings and beyond. This includes pictures, art, building, patterns and the very obvious source, other people. Having other people as inspiration is quite alright, as look as you put your own stamp, identify, touch on the look. It's quite interesting what you'll see when you really look at some things and pay attention to the details. For example, studying the color pattern in paintings can give you an idea on how to pair two never before paired (by you) colors together.  Paying attention to buildings, structures and patterns can give you that ha-ha moment on how to finally wear/style that "weird" shaped/length skirt. I believe everything is connected in a way, hence why you can get inspiration for anything from everything else. These are just few unconventional ways I get my style/styling inspiration.
I believe my major style influencer is my environment and status. This has also play into how my style has evolve over the years. Going back to my college, I look at some of the old pictures and go what was I thinking. I'm sure the same will be the case few years from now. Evaluating my closet now, I find I build my closet based on my current status, a married working mom. Coming from my college student days or even early working class days, I can certainly say my wardrobe has become more conservative, not that it wasn't before. Maturity has a part to play in that also. As you mature both as a person and a fashion lover, you see things different, you becoming willing to try new things, become more open and even take risk. The two places I dress up to go more than anything else is work and church and you'll find very few piece in my closet that isn't appropriate for either. It's one of those question I check off in my head before making most of my purchase; because, what use will it be if I have a wardrobe full of clothes I can't wear on a regular basis.

In a nutshell, my Simple Feminine-meets-Classics style is inspired by everything and driven by my social status.
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Top: F21
Skirt: Gap
Necklace: F21
Watch: Movado
Clutch: F21
Shoes: VS

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