Coconut Candy w/ Recipe

I made a recipe with roasted coconut flakes some few days ago and the rest of the coconut have just been seating in my fridge. Myself and hubby nibble on a piece once in a while but there's still a substantial amount left and I don't want to end up throwing it away. In the midst of trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the coconut, I remembered there is this snack/sweet candy we use to eat back home. So, I put the rest of the coconut to good use. I love the candy because it's fast and easy to make and you don't need much to make it happen.

1 1/4 cup grated coconut
1/4 heaping cup sugar*

1. Using a grater, grate the coconut into a bowl. I used both sides, the big side to start off each piece, but once the piece becomes small enough, I switch to the small side

2. Heat up a non-stick small size pot, add sugar and allow to caramelize on low heat. The sugar will start melting from the sides. Avoid stirring early on. Just shake the pot to prevent burning.
3. Once the sugar is almost all melted, stir with a wooden spatula
4. Add the coconut flakes and stir continuously, make sure all the flakes is well coated
5.  Continue to stir and cook for 7- 10 minutes or until color turns deep honey color
6. Turn off heat and let seat for about 5 minutes or until it's cool down enough to touch. Do not allow to go completely cold, you want it warn so you can mold into desired shape
7. Scope up a spoonful into your palm and mold into a ball shape. You can also mold or cut into any shape you like
8. Allow the molded ball to seat for another 10 minutes to harden up
9. Serve and Enjoy

*I chose the ratio of sugar to coconut because I didn't want it to be too sugary, sticky or gooey.  With that amount of sugar I get just enough sweetness, stickiness, maintain some crunchiness and it harden up faster. So if you are the kind of person that prefers a lot more sweetness and wants it to be more gooey, then feel free to add more sugar. keep in mind if you add more sugar that might mean longer cooking and hardening time.

Sorry for the lack of more pictures. I didn't think it would turn out perfect and become a post. Will update with more pictures the next time I make it. This recipe made 5 small balls.

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