First Week of Work and New Adjustments

Happy Friday!!! Tu-tu...As you can imagine, the first couple of days at a new job is usually information over load everywhere you turn. Outlining duties, responsibilities and training; meeting everyone and trying to remember their names because you never one who you'll have to turn to the next minute to ask a question. Overall, my first week went smoothly, everyone was super nice and some even went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. I guess you can say It was a good welcome to the team week and I already feel like one of the team and not an outsider. On my second day, my boss said to me, glad you came back. I was surprised to hear him say that; I mean, do I really have an option NOT to show up after the first day or did he think they scared me off or something...

Some of the pecks so far...
- No highway commute
- Great benefits
- Standard work hours is less than 40 hours a week. Arrive after 8am, leave before 5pm, not your regular work hours. Although I understand there will be days when things need to get done and I have to work more.
- Free yoga class....Say what! I am all over that, I'm glad I didn't sign up for one already.
- Nice people and great team/boss
- A lot of Independence
- Get to do some traveling starting next month
- Great network builder, interacting with VPs and Presidents
- A huge office, was expecting a cubical. Good surprise.
- Summer hours and flexible working hours

Oh,one last thing, 2 goodie bags.

Now you get what I mean, when I say I'm thankful for this job and said it was packaged, designed and delivered to me from God.

Business casual Friday.

Still adjusting to the change, of course it's a bit more challenging now to get home and whip up a nice dinner when I haven't been sitting around all day thinking about what to make. Something I definitely need to pick up quick. I'm playing with the idea of a meal planner in my head, not sure if I want to go down that route yet. Will wait and see if I get better at this; if not, might give it a try just to see if it will work for me.

Pre-dinner snack while thinking about what to make for dinner.

On another note, it's funny how I take some things for granted because I have options. Take for example the dishwasher. Since we moved to our new place I have been hand washing the dishes 99% of the time, even though we have a perfectly good new dish washer. I didn't grow up with a dish washer, so I've been hand washing dishes for ages. Hubby has asked me on severe occasions why I insist on doing the dishes by hand instead of utilizing the machine we have. Well, my reply to him is that it's a personal preference and old habits. This week I think I just realized that it more than old habits and preference. It more of I have the time and energy. Since I started work on Monday, I've used it twice. It's safe to say I do appreciate the luxury and option/backup of having the dish washer there because these days, I don't think I'll find hand washing dishes that fun anymore.

Cheers to the weekend my beautiful people!!!


  1. That is awesome! God is truly a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. I am very happy for you. By the way, what field do you work in?

    1. Thanks dear! I know, He is truly faithful. I'm a quality engineer in the medical device Industry.


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