A Prayer for Aurora Colorado

I saw it Facebook, I read bit and pieces of information, but I didn't understand the magnitude of what has just happened until I got home. As I try to eat dinner while watching the CNN coverage I totally lost my appetite. We will never fully understand what was going on in his head or the kind of spirit that came upon him. Even if the official did their interrogation and test and pin it down to something, the truth of the matter is no one is entitled to take a life you didn't give, no mother, father, sister, brother or friends should have to go through what happened today, should have to worry about their children getting shot, should have to think for a second that their loved one is gone.

All I can do is say a prayer, for the victims and their families and also for us that were speared the heartache and would never know what it feels like to be in that situation.

Heavenly Father, 
Today your children mourn the lost of their loved one
All because someone decided to take lives he didn't create
Lord, I pray that you touch their heart
Help them through this trying times
Comfort them in this time of need
Strengthen them from within
Give them hope for tomorrow and beyond
Heal their pain and hearts in time
Let their lost not be in vain
I pray for all your children
That we would not be at the wrong at the wrong time
That you order our steps and guide our moves
That wherever our destiny is not tied to
we would not end up there
That you continue to watch over us
All this I pray In Jesus name. (Amen)

Please remember to say a prayer for the people of Aurora, Colorado tonight and the victims of this terrible happening. A movie theater is somewhere you go without thinking twice about it, but after today it will probably be the last time for some people will step foot in a theater while others will think twice about it.   
Please remember to pray for yourselves as well, pray for the nation and for this time we live in.


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