Weekend Recap: Beach Time

 Hi lovelies! Hope you had a great weekend. This weekend, I finally did something I've been meaning to do for the past 4 months, clean out my closet. Ever so often, I like to clean out my closet and get ride of the stuff that I usually don't wear anymore. My rule of thumb is that everything that I haven't worn in a year or more has to go. I'm pretty good with distinguishing what those items are and I always end up with a reasonable pile. But what actually leaves the house to goodwill is a different story. By the time I'm done, I start going through the pile and believe it or not a lot of those items start making their way back into my closet. I start coming up with excuses why I haven't worn an item in over a year and find justification to hold on to it. All in all, I'll say it's always a failed mission, but this time I was brave and I stuck to guns. Nothing I sorted out made it way back into my closet. Will I miss these items YES, especially when the moments comes that I remember it and finally want to wear it, only to find it it's gone. But it's okay because it has a new home somewhere else. Ended up with 4 huge bags, and my closet is half empty :(
Now to the fun part of the weekend. If you read my last Thankful Thursday post, then you'll know where I was on Saturday. I was on the beach soaking up the sun while listening to the majestic waves of the ocean, which I find very peaceful and calming. To say it was hot will be an understatement, I got excited and took off my sandals as soon as we hit the sandy beach, but it didn't take too long before I put them back on. The sand was super hot, as least the area farthest away from the water, but once we were there for a little bit, we got use to it. We were there all afternoon and early evening, I even managed to take a little nap. I'll say it's a weekend well spent.
The water was super cold
Time to go home :(


  1. Lovely pictures. Obvious you had a great weekend.

  2. nice pictures! where is this beach?

    1. Thanks. The beach is in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

  3. I wish I was at the beach too and I see bags of clothes :)



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