Weekend Recap: The Lake House

Hi loves! Hope you all had a great, fun and relaxing weekend; If not all three combinations, at least one. I guess my weekend was all three. Saturday morning I went for the Women's Breakfast Meeting at my church which was great. Spent some time eating, advising each other, debating topics and learning from the word of God. It was a great start to my Saturday.
Mr. D. went to play soccer as usual and came back home with two friends and of course, I had to feed the three hungry men in my living room. Made them some quick breakfast or more like brunch, then we all headed out.
My boss and co-worker invited me to their annual summer fete. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go at first, but then I had no reason not to go except for being antisocial. Mr. D. came along so that was good. I thought it was going to be a small gathering with just mainly work people but when we arrived, it was more than small. It was pretty much the whole street.
The house is a lake house (the brown house), so the neighbors joined in, the guys family and friends, lots of kids and then some work people. I have to say it was nice interacting with my boss and coworkers outside of work. The event was nice with lots of food, drinks, the lake and a pirate ship. Yes, you read that right, a pirate ship.
Apparently people travel from both far and near to see and ride the ship, so I guess it was an honor to be on there and Mr. D. even became a captain on board.
We got to enjoy the sunset while sitting on the ship in the middle of the lake, that was definitely a moment. That sums up the highlights of my weekend, the rest of the time I was either cooking, cleaning, laying around or grocery shopping. How was your weekend?


  1. A pirate ship? Whoa! That must have been an experience. Sunset in the middle of the lake - now that's A moment.

    My weekend was relaxing. Thanks for asking :-)

    1. Yes o my sister. Imagine I could have mixed all that...time to start being more social, maybe I'll get more invites :)

      Glad you had a relaxing weekend.


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