Yellow Skinny Jeans + Weekend Recap

Hello beautiful people! Hope you had a great weekend. This weekend Mr. D.  myself and  one of our friend's went to Baltimore for a friend's baby shower. It started raining when we got to Baltimore and we were all joking that this baby is one lucky baby because it was the baby shower and was literally showering. Anyway, the shower was fun, enjoyed playing the games, even won one. The host was very nice and the atmosphere was very inviting and free. I think I need to mention that this event was half baby shower and half boys reunion. Once majority of the people that came for the shower left, it turned into a boys party. The plan was to go back to home the same day, but I guess we should have specified a time because in between all the talking, yelling, singing and screaming we didn't end up leaving until almost midnight. Made it home safely and everyone was worn out. Slept for about four hours and then it was time to get ready for church, do I need to mention I was still a little drowsy. No worries though, made up for the lost sleep time after church.
Sunday, Mr.D's friend and his brother came over. The whole time they were around, I didn't stop launching for a second; that I realized when they were leaving. I feed them pounded yam and could tell from their faces they could pass out any second. Another of hubby's friend invited us to a barbeque, but I didn't go with them. When they all got back, they looked like they've been beaten down with food. In between the pounded yam and the other barbeque food they could barely stand upright. This weekend felt very short for some reason. Felt like I didn't have time to do anything, all the things on my to-do list is still on there. Looking forward to next weekend already, not that I have anything fun planned, just going to be a long and very busy work week. Have a blessed and fulfilling week ahead.

Jeans and shirt: H&M, shoes:VS , Bracelets: cara couture, Necklace: Limited


  1. Love that you didn't go with black shoes. Love the neutral tone shoes paired with neon pants :)


    1. Thanks Stella! Funny enough black shoes never even crossed my mind. Now I have to pair it with one ;)

  2. love ur outfit and whoever took photos 4u real knows the job, u look amazing dear

    1. Thanks hun! Hubby is my photo guy, will tell him to keep up the good work...Lol!


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