Happy Friday

Sneak peak of Maternity Photos and bump as of last weekend
Happy Friday loves.
Every time I take a mini hiatus from the blog world I really do miss it and can't wait to return. Even though I've only been out of touch for 3 days now I feel like it's been longer. Now I'm back to catch up on my blog reading list and luckily Instagram has been filling in the gaps here and there. I mentioned I have a 2-day work week this week which means it's been TGIF for me the past 2 days. Lol. The old me would have probably spent this time sleeping, watching TV, eating and sleeping but times have change people :) Can't sleep as much as I used to and TV doesn't even come get turned on until Mr. D. returns from work. I'm not much of a background noise person, I enjoy going about my daily activities in a quiet, peaceful and candle scent infused house. 
So what have I been doing instead these past few days you ask. Lots of baby prep stuff. Unpacking things and putting them in place, buying more things, doing baby laundry and such. I've also been doing a lot of cleaning and reorganizing around the house. My nesting instincts coupled with my clean freak nature has almost made me go overboard. I'm slowly but surely learning to say NO to myself on trying to do everything and asking for help or allowing hubby to help. This is probably my biggest area of struggle. I like/enjoy and want to do everything by myself but I know that's probably not the wisest thing at this point and in the future. Hoping to have mastered the act of division of labor by the time baby arrives. The rest of the time I've spent running errands, reading, relaxing a little, after all that was the idea behind these days off and cooking. Nothing special, haven't been inspired to try anything new or fancy lately. Since I probably won't get this amount of time off before little one arrives again, I think it's time well spent. 

It's been awhile since my last pregnancy Journal entry so I'll try to post an update on my Pregnancy Symptoms this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


  1. Looking hot sissy! Such a sexy preggo, I definitely want to be like you when I grow up ;) I enjoyed every single one of the photos xoxo

    1. Thanks sisi!

      Lol...when you grow up? :) Glad you liked the pictures


  2. This is a lovely pic dear! Can't wait to see the rest of the shoot. Looking good. Rest as much as u can n take it easy. Otherwise congrats Hun.


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