Maxi Dress

Hello Lovelies! 
These pictures are quite old now, considering how much bigger little one has grown. These were taken about a month ago. Going into this pregnancy I thought I would definitely wear quite a few maxi dresses and couldn't wait to wear them during summer season. But, the reality has been the opposite. For some reason, I didn't gravitate towards them as much as I thought I would considering the fact that I think baby bump and a maxi dress are the perfect combination. I even still have one or two I bought hoping to wear during the bump that I'm yet to wear.  I'd like to think I still have some  time to pull off more maxi looks as the weather is rapidly changing and well, my baby bump days are numbered. I wore this outfit on a relaxing weekend to spend time with the sisters and some cousins. There was also a lot of  driving involved so this was perfectly comfortable for that.

Dress: F21, Jacket: Amanda Bynes, Necklace: F21, Sandals: Marshalls

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  1. Very Cute and pregnancy looks good on you! I love maxi dresses!!!!


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