Pregnacy Journal: The Symptoms

 Hi All. It's been a while since my last pregnancy journal. This is going to be a short entry, mainly because like I’ve mentioned so many times before I’ve been blessed during the entire course of this pregnancy. Even though I've never been pregnant before, I believe this pregnancy has been very easy and smooth so far. Not that I was expecting it to be otherwise because I'm sure God didn't not intend for me to be miserable during my pregnancy. The first and foremost thing anyone will tell you about pregnancy is that every pregnancy is different and no two experiences are the same. Although you might have some things in common with the next person and learn and share from someone else’s experience, I’ve learnt not to really compare my pregnancy to another.

I knew I was pregnant even before I got my BFP (Big Fat Positive) on the home pregnancy test but I just had to wait to be sure and have physical proof before telling hubby. I knew this mostly because I think I'm pretty in-tune with my body and I'm knew with all the symptoms and changes I was seeing, something must be going on. To keep the blog light and avoid sharing TMI I'll spare you some details but the ones that are appropriate to share, I will. If you search for early signs of pregnancy on the internet, you'll get a long list but more half of them I never experienced. The two main symptoms that gave it away for me so early were extreme tiredness and cramping. Just a few days after getting the BFP came the bloating, being easily irritable and some cravings (but nothing out of the ordinary).

 I cannot tell you how many times I almost (probably did at some point) fell asleep driving to and from work. In that moment I call either hubby or one of my sisters to chat just to keep me awake till I get home; that was how tired I was. Once I arrived home, it was straight to bed. Forget food or anything else and no amount of sleep was enough. I still felt tired the moment I woke up.  It got so bad I was falling asleep in places I really shouldn't apart from behind the wheels of course. Thank God for His mercies. This continued almost through my first trimester but eventually got better. 

Bloating, do I even need to elaborate on that! I believe I was bloated all through my first trimester. I think that contributed to me being easily irritable. Wearing clothes, any kind was so uncomfortable. It was like I didn't want anything touching my body, but eventually that went away also. My cramping was all in the first few months but it wasn't unbearable, just lying down relived it. So for me, there was no morning sickness or anything of sort. 

That pretty much sums up all or most of my symptoms which mainly all occurred in the first trimester. Second trimester I experienced some mild constant headaches which lasted for a couple of weeks. It was more of an annoyance than anything else and Dysgeusia (bad metallic taste in mouth). Apart from that, the second trimester was a bliss. Third trimester has been even more blissful. Apart from occasionally feeling tired and the extra effort and maneuvering required to get out of bed, all is well and good. No back pains, heartburn or anything else significant to note. 

I did have one isolated incident where my face ended up in the toilet bowl once. My sense of smell must have really heightened that day because it was what I was cooking that provoked this and I even went back afterwards to eat that same food. Lol. So there you have it. My symptoms, as generic as it could get in summary.


  1. Thanxs for sharing again and i must say u r a lucky one. Wanted to know if you had any special skin care routine in regard to the stretch marks (if you have any) and what product did u use? how about on your face because you have a good glow on? :)

    1. Thanks for reading hun! Glad you find these posts insightful.

      Ah! Stretch marks. Luckily I don't have any yet, and i hope it stays that way for the next few weeks. From the very beginning I started applying a combination of extra body lotion (Jergens original) + Vaseline on my belly every morning, rubbing it in deep. Like 2x to 3x the amount I would use on a regular basis. I'm not sure if that helped but I want to think it does to some extent. I didn't use anything special because I was waiting to see if I'll get any before I go out and buy anything special based on recommendations but thankfully i didn't have to.

      For my face, I use my everyday Neutrogena oil free face cream. Not doing anything different there so I guess I have the pregnancy to thank for the glow you see :)

    2. Thank u so much fr this. Got to get me some of those stuff too! Many hugs!

  2. You make being pregnant look so easy. Glad it's been an enjoyable journey.

    1. Thanks dear! Yea, I only have God to thank for that.


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